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happiness & simplicitySpecializing in mainly a line-less style | Simplicity with a hint of happiness.Hello! I am a freelance artist and designer who really enjoys drawing in a cute and simple style, especially creatures!Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have!

Giveaway Time!

Winners will be randomly selected and announced throughout the first week of June!Please read through carefully for all the entry opportunities and rules!-GIVEAWAY RULES-• must be following me on Instagram!
(following me on other social media gives you an extra entry!)
• like and save the post! (1 entry)• comment what prize you’d like to win! (1 entry)• tag your friends (w/ what prize you’d like to win)!
(more friends = more entries! )
(1 extra entry per tag)


-SPECIAL RULES-• download Raid Shadow Legends!• play through the tutorial!• screenshot with your username/level visible, and DM it to me!• completing this will give you 10 entries!• get your friends to do it too!
If they let me know in the DM's that you referred them (along with all the other required components), you will receive another 5 entries!)

Again, this opportunity for more entries is only available until 5/11!
All numbers will be double-checked on our end. The number of players who joined and reached level 12 is updated frequently (with names)


** MTSugarr is my only account, and I will not message you through any other account!**Please watch out for fake accounts impersonating me.
I will never ask you to click on unknown links or your personal information.

**I am not liable for any issues that occur involving the fake accounts!
This is a free giveaway and is not affiliated with Instagram or any other social media platforms.

Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have!

Prize #Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
Prize #1Otter Fleece Blanket (Blue)Otter Microfiber ClothHugging Otter PinTappy the Otter Pin 
Prize #2Otter Fleece Blanket (Seafoam Green)Otter Microfiber ClothOtter Jar CharmOtter Couple Charm Set (Magnetic) 
Prize #3Kirby Fleece BlanketKirby SleepyTime Microfiber ClothKirby SleepyTime Canvas Pouch  
Prize #4Kirby SleepyTime Canvas PouchKirby SleepyTime Jar CharmKirby SleepyTime Jar Transparent Sticker  
Prize #5Kirby SleepyTime Canvas PouchMini Kirby Gun PeekerMini Kirby Knife PeekerMini Kirby Boba Peeker 
Prize #6Snorlax Air Freshener (Melon)Snorlax Sticker   
Prize #7Dabbing Psyduck Air Freshener (Lemon)Dabbing Psyduck Sticker   
Prize #8Crying Psyduck Air Freshener (Forest Rain)Crying Psyduck Sticker   
Prize #9Kirby Gun Air Freshener (Black Ice)Kirby Gun Phone Grip   
Prize #10Kirby Gun Air Freshener (Strawberry)Kirby Gun PeekerKirby Knife PeekerKirby Boba Peeker 
Prize #11Gengar Air Freshener (Squash)Gengar StickerUmbreon PeekerUmbreon x Espeon StickerLitwick Sticker
Prize #12Dugtro Ice Cream Pin (Discontinued)Voltorb Takoyaki Pin (Discontinued)   
Prize #13Jirachi Ice Cream Pin (Discontinued)Pikachu Ice Cream Pin (Discontinued)   
Prize #14Jirachi Ice Cream PinGastly BobaJigglypuff Boba  
Prize #15Pikachu Ice Cream PinDango-chu PinPikachu Jar CharmPikachu Jar Transparent Sticker